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About Us

Release your Inner Díscola 

Hey, thanks for visiting us! 

We are a group of friends who write, record, and release our own music via our label Díscola Records since late 2019.

Some people think we are a band, but we're not. 

We collab at times and other times release our own material. 

We went with the Name Díscola because to be called 'Díscolo'  in Spanish, is to basically bit a bit of a rebel against 'the norm or the norms'.

That sentiment is reflected in our music. We like asking questions, we like the freedom to think and discuss and grow, together. 

Among our group you will find Dj's and Rappers and Singer songwriters. 

To make it easy for everyone to digest, we release under 2 seperate stables. 

The first; Díscola Records.

Here you will find a more organic sound. Anything from Indie rock to Poppy Trap sounds. Our Artist for now Include: 

Daria Artiola aka Aroarer


Suresh Nahar

Pipo Experience. 

The second; Díscola Roots

Here you will find our dancefloor bangers. Expect Techie House sounds all the way to Jump Up DnB. Our artists for now include: 

Nacho Molina

Centurion One


Chema GNZ

Two Flux

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