3rd Generation southern Italian, born and raised in London and now living in Spain for almost a decade.

Take8 previously knows as Dj Czar falls in love with turntables in his late teens. He never thought he could 'do it' but the more he tried, the more it came natural to him. Blessed to be able to play week in week out to his Student Union in Surrey, he develops his skills and plays big shows in Italy and Slovenia, Including The Essenza, Spazio a Roma, Roberto Cavalli, ESN Evento Nazionale 2011/2012/2013.

Moving to Spain see's him continue to learn; Music theory, production and bit by bit, he develops a voice and a sound.

Grateful to have collaborated on some great projects with the likes of Daria Artiola, Reno Arent, Zach Phoenix, Days Like Hills and the one and only Nacho Molina.

Take8 is currently working on his second record, his first solo project.